Ruxandra + Ovidiu

When I’m on a wedding as a photographer I try to look at every detail. I’m watching the body language of the people and try to guess how they feel, when it is the right moment to capture something. With my colleague we make hundreds of photos and create ourselves an overall picture about the wedding, but I’m always wondering how this actually works behind the scenes? That is why I invited Ruxi to share her thoughts about this day:

As the wedding was over, I can say that it was a kind of an experiment. I haven’t had such an experience to have so many contradictory feelings in one day, in one hour or maybe in one minute.

The first feelings are the emotions of the morning when you tell or ask yourself: „How will it be?”, „Are we going to have fun?”, „Will everything happen as I planned?”, „How do the arrangements look like?”, ”Did everyone do their tasks?”, „I hope we won’t forget the wedding rings at home!”, „Is it going to be a sunny day?” Then comes the feeling of relief “We did it!”, “How nice that I did not fall in front of the altar!”, “The wedding dance was also fine and he only stepped one time on my dress!”, “I finally got rid of the high heels” – I have to underline here, if there weren’t high heels, the wedding would be more successful and the grooms more happy.

But there are bad feelings over the day too, when suddenly you remember your loved ones who you wanted to be there with you and remember together the good old days, but that person could not be there with you any more.
There are a lot of happy moments during the day, like “Finally I got something to eat””, “Wow! How delicious is the cake!” “How beautiful it is decorated!”, “Let’s party!”, “How cool is this song! Let’s dance!” “Now everybody gets a shot!” and finally “Wow! We’re man and wife!” “I’m so happy to see you again!” “How beautiful is the sunset!”

At the end of the day there is that melancholy feeling that “I can’t believe it’s already over! It happened so fast!”, “Are we planning another one? This one was almost perfect. I want one more!”

At the end of the day you realise how intense and fast things just happened around you and how many people care about you and came specially for you to be with you on the most important day of your life. It is your most important day of your life indeed, because it was the day when you decided that you want to spend the rest of your life with the person who is standing next to you and there is no way back.

Locatie: Vinny’s Events
Make-up: Make-up Studio by AC
Rochie: Ligia Mocan
Par: Liviu Gudor
Tort si CandyBar: Șmafinăria 
Decoratiuni: Alexandra Marusceac & Vladimir Marusceag
DJ: Slim Rocka
Invitatii: Diana Boca & Blink Print Media
Film: Promo Film Studio

Many thanks to Timi for being the second shooter at the wedding.
Also, thank to Dana for shooting the next day photo session.

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