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Promo Film Studio started in 2010 with growing passion for telling wedding stories with film.


Founder and creative director Gabor Kalamar since than became also a tutor for young event filmmakers, being invited to several university workshops as lecturer. Our office is in Cluj-Napoca (RO) and we regularly travel to North West England and Zürich (‎CH).


Promo Film Studio is all about offering the highest quality with a clear communication. We consider very important to find out your style, your expectations and the way you think about films. This way we can make your story unique and special. The reason why our films are so different.

Imola + Lóránt


Imola and Lóránt have chosen a unique historical venue for their wedding.


The Teleki Castle from Gernyeszeg built at the end of the 18th century by Count László Teleki is a representative example of the Baroque-style architecture in Transylvania.


We reached the castle through the former drawbridge across the ditch, which added a note of intimacy to the event – especially thanks to the amazing English garden at the back of the castle.


The guests were amazed by the impressive interior of the building with its old doors, original stoves and great Murano chandeliers covered by elegant wedding decorations.


Through their special wedding ceremony, Imola and Lóránt showed us the former glory of this exclusive venue.

Anca + Kovi


You had a very cool wedding Anca & Kovi, and we had a lot of fun. You guys are great together! So happy for you!

Mădă + Dani


Rozál & Róbert


A wedding close to the nature is always a good idea and when some personality-packed details are thrown in, it gets even better.


Having a location for beautiful ceremony and preparations was a must on Rozál’s wedding list.


The style of the event was romantic, dynamic and dreamy with a lot of organic inspiration, where you felt at every moment the close presence of the nature.

Erika + Dávid


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