Your memories


A custom designed and professionally printed wedding album is a great way to showcase your wedding photos.


Albums can also be purchased separately, at a later date if you choose to. It can be a beautiful gift for your 1 year anniversary or a Christmas
present for your beloved ones.


I offer custom-made 20x30 cm (landscape) or 25x25 cm (square) wedding albums with 7 different cover types and thick lay-flat pages with matte finish or metallic paper. My standard album has 30 pages with 50 – 60 photos. It tells the story of your whole wedding day, from getting ready until the end of the reception. My designs are very minimal and modern. Most spreads have 1 – 5 photos that are paired based on color, composition and the flow of the story.


Cover types

of albums from my collection are: velvet (Celebrate album), wood, leather, acryl, textile, hard cover and soft cover. Below you can find pictures and description for any of the above mentioned. Choose cleverly!


Manufactured in Lisbon, Celebrate is that album that you'll take with you in bed. Very soft velvet, timeless elegance, classic design and color depth, are the highlights of the album Celebrate. Velvet has a long and ancient reputation for being a noble fabric that adds sophistication, brilliance and boldness to any product it covers.


You can choose and switch between the various velvet colors available for both Album and Box.

Sizes (cm): 20x20 | 25x25 | 25x30 | 30x25 | 25x38 | 38x25 | 30x30 | 30x40 | 40x30 | 35x35

Cover Materials: Premium Velvet

Colour: Black | Oak Wood | White
Raster paper with matte finish


One of my favorites, the album with wooden cover and box is as robust, as it is elegant, minimalist and timeless. The beauty of this collection is due to its distinctive elements: wood essences. The diversity of essences creates the flexibility of integrating wood with any material in the sampler. This collection brings warmth to your home and overcomes the barriers of time.


The model has a delicate look, the cover of the album is made of wooden veneer, and the leather, eco or textile elbow. The face of the album can be customized with UV print or laser engraving with the desired graphics. The box is optional, but I highly recommend it.


Sizes (cm): 25x25 | 20x30 | 25x35 | 30x45

Cover Materials: Wood + leather, eco or textile

Colour: walnut
Raster paper with matte finish


Leathers - an assortment of colors and grains - is the most common material used for the wedding album and not only. You can choose from the many models and colors of the leather for a wedding album as you dreamed of.


Sizes (cm). 25x25 | 20x30 | 25x35 | 30x45

Cover Material: Leather

Colors: (ask for models)
Raster paper with matte finish or metalic paper


If you like shiny, then this is your album. And do not forget to choose the metallic paper, which works perfectly with this type of cover. The model features an integral cover, the face of the album being represented by a photo-acrylic insert with a special finish on the edge that offers a special appearance and clarity of the image.


Sizes (cm). 25x25 | 30x30 | 20x30 | 25x35 | 30x45

Cover Materials: Acrylic (customized) + textile

Raster paper with matte finish or metalic paper


For natural fiber lovers only! These albums with natural cotton cover offer simplicity and elegance. Available in 5 colors, it can be a wonderful album for the wedding day, family portraits or children. And do not worry, they can be personalized.


Sizes (cm): 20x20 | 25x25 | 30x30 | 20x30 | 25x35 | 30x45

Cover Material: Textile
Colors: dark gray, loam, mango, beige, jeans
Raster paper with matte finish or metalic paper

Hard Cover

This type of premium album really pushes the creative boundaries for covers. They are strikingly smooth to the touch and elegantly modern. Your artwork, photos, and text can not only cover the front, but they can extend past the spine and wrap around to the back of the album for infinite beauty. The result is a seamless, high-quality appearance.


Sizes (cm): 25x25 | 20x30 | 25x35

Cover: photo cover, customized

Raster paper with matte finish

Soft cover / Landscape

In this model, the cover is thicker than the inside pages and can be printed with the beginning of the story in the album. The cover can be simple or laminated, and the laminate can be glossy, matte or textured. The identity of this album is given by the combination of photo collage cover, which remains at the same level, preserving the integrity of the album's composition.


The Landscape version (15 x 30 cm) gives you another insight into the experience of enjoying the album.


Sizes (cm): 20x20 | 15x30 (30x30 open; LANDSCAPE)

Cover: photo cover, customized

Raster paper with matte finish